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The Oxford Dictionary Of Proverbs

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The fifth edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs represents the latest stage in Oxford
University Press’s coverage of proverbs and reflects the changes that have taken place in the
quarter-century since the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs first appeared. The Concise
itself grew out of the monumental Oxford Dictionary of English Proverbs, first published in
1935 and substantially revised by F. P. Wilson in 1970. A massive work of historical
scholarship, the Oxford Dictionary of English Proverbs cast its net over the corpus of English
literature and brought together a rich haul of metaphor, idiom, and proverb from all stages of
the language. From the outset, however, the Concise was intended to fulfil a different need
from the larger volume, in its focus on contemporary usage and on what the late twentiethcentury English-speaker regarded as a proverb—as John Simpson explains in his Introduction.
It is this conception that underlies the present dictionary

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