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English To The Max : 1200 Practice Questions To Maximize Your English Power

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The key to upping scores on standardized tests is practice, practice,
practice-and English to the Max provides it for students in abundance.
Practice makes perfect, and the essential preparation from more than
1,200 questions on reading comprehension, writing skills, sentence
completion, and much more, gives you the targeted training you need to
ace high-stakes English tests. Each question includes a fully
fleshed-out, detailed answer explanation. This guide is also perfect for
anyone for whom English is a second language who are looking to brush
up on and improve their knowledge of English for a variety of purposes:
standardized tests for high school or college, professional
certification exams, or workplace communication. English to the Max
features: Multiple choice questions with short definitions and terms
that help clarify the topic Free online customized diagnostic reports,
which offer invaluable insights for students to identify strengths and
weaknesses Intensive immersion into all vital areas of study in language
arts Study and test-taking tips to help ensure positive outcomes
Specific areas covered in English to the Max include: Punctuation,
modifiers, subject-verb agreement, tense agreement, and
antecedent-pronoun agreement Sentence structure basics, with pointers on
identifying contextual clues Individualized writing guidelines for
three common essay forms: persuasive, expository, and narrative Crafting
first-rate introductory, supporting, and concluding paragraphs in
essays Give your English skills a workout with the exhaustive review
material inside English to the Max-invaluable preparation for all the
challenges that today's standardized English tests present.

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