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Practical Meditation Guide By A Forest Monk

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This meditation guide is a complete meditation book that covers all the
sides of practising meditations. This book is a self-study book. All the
information you need for practising meditations is given in the book.
Including attaining form and formless meditative levels. This E-book
teaches you both concentration meditations and wisdom meditations. 40
concentration meditations are clearly explained by the forest monk. This
E-book contains 27 chapters. If you were seeking for guidance to be an
ascetic, then this is the perfect book for you. Chapter 25 is a complete
manual for a life of asceticism. If you were looking for guidance for
stopping masturbation or watching porn – this is the book for you.
Chapter 23 is a full guide for healing from porn addiction and
masturbation. If you suspect you are attacked by black magic; fear not.
Chapter 27 contains various natural medicines and how to survive from
black magic attacks. If you were looking to learn about invisible worlds
or how to acquire the Divine Eye – this is the E-book you must read.
This book has been written by a forest monk. Full instructions are given
for everything! PDF format. 3MB file size. Fully text reflow. Easy to
read. This is the ultimate meditation book. Not for sale! It is
absolutely free! Download now! 

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