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Rising States, Rising Institutions : Challenges For Global Governance

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The global order is shifting in an unprecedented fashion. No major war has intervened to reshape the balance of power; nor has the world seen events as dramatic as the collapse of communism and the end of bipolarity in 1989. Yet it is increasingly clear that change is afoot. While the United States remains the world's leading power--thanks to its combination of military and economic strength, technological prowess, and cultural appeal--Washington cannot simply impose its will on others. The European Union remains an independent force in global politics, and a host of rising states--including Chin.  Read more... Introduction / Andrew F. Cooper and Alan S. Alexandroff -- Great Powers and International Structure -- 1. The three faces of liberal internationalism / G. John Ikenberry -- 2. Transgovernmental networks and emerging powers / Anne-Marie Slaughter and Thomas Hale -- 3. Labels matter : interpreting rising powers through acronyms / Andrew F. Cooper -- Rising States -- 4. China's rising institutional influence / Gregory Chin -- 5. Reforming institutions, unreformed India? / Amrita Narlikar -- 6. Brazil : what kind of rising state in what kind of institutional order? / Andrew Hurrell -- 7. Europe : rising superpower in a bipolar world / Andrew Moravcsik -- Rising Institutions -- 8. The "great recession" and the emergence of the G-20 Leaders' Summit / Alan S. Alexandroff and John Kirton -- 9. The G-20 Finance Ministers : network governance / John Kirton -- 10. BRIC by BRIC : the emergent regime for sovereign wealth funds / Daniel W. Drezner -- 11. Consuming energy : rising powers, the International Energy Agency, and the global energy architecture / Flynt Leverett -- 12. The War on Terror and international order : strategic choice and global governance / Steven E. Miller -- Conclusion / Alan S. Alexandroff and Andrew F. Cooper

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