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Startups Grow With People: How To Pick Partners, Recruit The Top Talent And Build A Company Culture

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Startups can only grow with the right people decisions. This is a playbook for managing the most complex variable in a startup's success. Startups Grow With People makes good use of metaphors and real life examples for clarity. You will find lists, action plans and frameworks you can immediately start using in your own startup. Part One: How to Pick Partners will discuss when it is best to go at it solo and when it is best to partner-up; how to choose a co-founder; which indicators and warning signs to look for before making the handshake. Part Two: How to Recruit the Top Talent will tell about the most important principles of making the very first hires of the company. You will learn about all the stages of top level hiring, from the interview to drafting up an offer that will get a "yes". Part Three: How to Build a Culture is based on the appreciation that as a company grows, culture becomes the main map of reference people use for their actions and decisions. Here, you will learn about the Universal Cultural Codes Startups Need, Actions-Rituals-Symbols-Stories, how to use them. You'll also get a Culture Shaping Toolbox! *** The Author, Ozan Dagdeviren has studied sociology, psychology and marketing communications followed by holding people-related roles in large organizations. He's an entrepreneur and the founder of based in London. CommonWisdom helps growing startups with their people decisions & strategies. For early level startups, it provides go-to-market and customer acquisition strategies as well as mentoring to help them scale.

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