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Cliffs Study Solver English Grammar

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The CliffsStudySolver workbooks combine 20 percent review material with 80 percent practice problems (and the answers!) to help make your lessons stick.CliffsStudySolver English Grammar is for students who want to reinforce their knowledge with a learn-by-doing approach. Inside, you'll get the practice you need to learn English grammar with problem-solving tools such as * Clear, concise reviews of every topic * Practice problems in every chapter - with explanations and solutions * A diagnostic pretest to assess your current skills * A full-length exam that adapts to your skill level A glossary, a list of commonly misused words, and punctuation and capitalization rules can help you communicate effectively. This workbook also covers the parts of speech, verbs, and active and passive voices. Explore other aspects of English including * Subjects and predicates * Adjective and adverbial phrases * Pronouns * Noun-verb agreement * Prepositions * Frequently encountered sentence problems * Using numerals Practice makes perfect - and whether you're taking lessons or teaching yourself, CliffsStudySolver guides can help you make the grade.Author Jeffrey Coghill is a medial librarian at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC; Stacy Magedanz is currently a reference librarian at California State University in San Bernardino. Both have M.A. degrees in English.

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