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Economic Models: Methods, Theory And Applications

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Model Building is the most fruitful area of economics, designed to solve real-world problems using all available methods such as mathematical, computational and analytical, without distinction. Wherever necessary, we should not be reluctant to develop new techniques, whether mathematical or computational. That is the philosophy of this volume.

The volume is divided into three distinct parts: Methods, Theory and Applications. The Methods section is in turn subdivided into Mathematical Programming and Econometrics and Adaptive Control System, which are widely used in econometric analysis. The impacts of fiscal policy in a regime with independent monetary authority and dynamic models of environmental taxation are considered.

In the section on "Modelling Business Organization", a model of a Japanese organization is presented. Furthermore, a model suitable for an efficient budget management of a health service unit by applying goal programming method is analyzed, taking into account various socio-economic factors. This is followed by a section on "Modelling National Economies", in which macroeconometric models for the EU member countries are analyzed, to find instruments that stabilize inflation with coordinated action.


Methods: Mathematical Programming

Methods: Econometrics and Adaptive Control System

Mathematical Modelling in Macroeconomics

Modelling Business Organization

Modelling National Economies

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