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The Cargo Club

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The Cargo Club By John Francis Kinsella

Pat Kennedy fell into a restless sleep as images of Magellan's voyage drifted in and out of his dreams. His 60 million dollar Falcon jet was a galaxy of light years away from the navigator's carrick, the Vittoria, the first ship to complete the circumnavigation of the globe. The 85 ton vessel, a mere 20 metres long compared to the 25 metres of the Falcon, with its three decks and stern castle the Vittoria rose nearly 10 metres above the waves. When the Portuguese explorer set out from Cadiz in Spain, his sailing ship made an average of 4 knots, carrying a 55 man crew for what was to be an agonising 50,000 kilometre transoceanic voyage, fraught with hardships and dangers unknown to Europeans, a voyage into the unknown, in search of gold, fame and fortune. Pat unlike them had all that, more wealth than could be counted, he was driven by his insatiable curiosity and desire for adventure and the expansion of his banking empire.

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