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Awesome Physics Experiments For Kids: 40 Fun Science Projects And Why They Work

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Fun Comes to Physics for Kids

How far can you shoot a pom-pom with energy generated from rubber bands? What attracts goo to a balloon? Can you cook s’mores using energy from the sun? Show kids how cool it is to learn physics with 40 fun and engaging experiments.

Created by board-certified science teacher Dr. Erica Colón, these physics experiments for kids offer a hands-on approach to learning about concepts like force, electricity, heat, and sound. Simple, step-by-step instructions let kids do their own experimentation and discover just how fun physics really is.

Awesome Physics Experiments for Kids includes:
- 40 AWESOME EXPERIMENTS―Inspire kids to learn about topics like force, buoyancy, and flight with fun and educational activities that kids will want to try again and again.
- EASY-TO-FIND MATERIALS―Experiment whenever inspiration strikes using common and inexpensive materials readily found at home.
- STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS―Full-color photos and simple instructions help give kids the confidence to experiment on their own.

Show your kids how much fun they can have with physics.

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