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The Everything Kids' Learning French Book: Fun Exercises To Help You Learn Français

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Adams Media, 2008. - 110 p. - ISBN 1598695436.Fun exercises to help you learn French! Hello, my friend! So, you want to learn French but don't know where to start? Start here, with The Everything Kids' Learning French Book. Inside, you'll find simple exercises, fun facts, tips on pronunciation, and popular sentences that enable you to read and speak French in no time at all.You'll learn how to: Address your family ("Ma famille") and pets ("My pets")

Describe holidays and birthdays

Ask "What time is it?" ("What time is it?")

Tell your friends, "Let's go outdoors" ("We're going outside")

Express your feelings ("Express my feelings")

Talk about school ("

Dozens of puzzles and activities-plus an English-French Dictionary-make learning this exciting new language easy, fast, and fun! Let's Get Started! —Let's go!

Getting to Know French — Meet French


Essential Vocabulary Alphabet — Basic

Spelling and Pronunciation Vocabulary — Spelling and Pronunciation

Numbers —

Nouns Numbers —

Verbs Nouns — Verbs

Time and Dates — Hour and Time dates

Telling Time — Let's say time

Asking about Time — Ask for time

Days, Months, and Years — Days, months, and years

What Is Today's Date? —What is today's date?

Parts of the Days and Year — Times of Day and Year

Weather — Weather

Holidays and Birthdays — Holidays and Birthdays

Time Questions — Questions about Date and Time

All About Me — All About Me

Describing Myself — I Describe

My Personality — My Character

The Place Where I Live — The Place I Live

My Family— My Family

My School — My School

My Friends — My Classmates

Social Life — Social Life

Hi! What's Up? - Hi! It's okay?

Greeting Friends — Greet Friends

Please and Thank You — Please and Thank You

Inviting Friends Over — Invite Friends

Asking Questions — Ask Questions

Saying Goodbye — Say Goodbye

What Should We Do? —What we will do?

Riding a Bike — Cycling

Playing Games — Playing Games

At the Park — At Park

At the Museum — At

Doing Sports Museum — Playing Sports

At the Movies — At Cinema

I'm Hungry! —I'm hungry!

In the Kitchen — In the Kitchen

Preparing Food — Preparing a Meal

Drinks — Drinks

At the Table — At Table

At the Restaurant — At Restaurant

Yum, Yum! That's Good! - Yum, yum, that's good!

Going to Town — Going to Town

Transportation — Transportation

Asking for Directions — Asking for Directions

Spending Money — Spending Money

Keeping Your Money Safe — Keeping Money Safe

Asking for Help — Asking for Help

Activities — Activities

Let's Go Outdoors — Let's go outside

In the Garden — In the Garden

Trees and Flowers — Trees and Flowers

At the Beach — At the Beach

At the River — By the River

At the Zoo — At the Zoo

On the Farm — On the Farm

Getting Along — Getting along

Best Friends — Best Friends

Expressing Feelings — Expressing Feelings

Respecting My Friends — Respecting Friends

Solving Problems — Solving Problems

Making Up — Reconciling

Girlfriends and Boyfriends — Lovers and LoversEnglish-French Dictionary


Puzzle Answers

Exercise Answers

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