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The Oxford Guide To Effective Writing And Speaking

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Third Edition. — Oxford University Press, 2013. — 400 p. — ISBN-10: 0199652708, ISBN-13: 978-0199652709The Oxford Guide to Effective Writing and Speaking is the essential guide for everyone who needs to communicate in clear and effective English, both written and spoken. John Seely looks at the key factors to consider in tailoring your material so that you get your message across, such as understanding the demands of particular audiences, subjects, and situations.Clearly organized, the book is arranged in four sections:Communicating in everyday life - covers a wide range of communications including writing emails to giving presentations and preparing reports. Getting your message across - focuses on important factors such as the audience, the subject, time, and purpose. Communication tools - offers advice on grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation to ensure that communication is accurate as well as appropriate. The process of writing - looks at what's involved in writing longer pieces, including planning and drafting, research, summaries, editing, and presentation.Full of practical guidance, this book also includes helpful 'You Try' sections and 'guidelines' to practise and reinforce what you've learnt. The answers to the exercises in the 'You Try' sections can be found at the back of the book.This is the most comprehensive guide to using English for effective communication available; it covers an unrivalled range of situations and requirements, making it ideal for use at work, at school and university, or at home.Introduction. Communicating in everyday life. Business letters. E-writing. Job applications. Organizing a meeting. Presentations. Reports. Essays, papers, and dissertations. The media. Getting the message across. Audience. Subject. Time and place. Purpose. Different ways of communicating. Communication tools. How we talk about English. Introduction to grammar. More about grammar. Vocabulary. Spelling. Punctuation. Speech. The process of writing. Getting ready to write. Making notes and summaries. Research. Planning and drafting. Editing and revising. Presentation. Glossary. 'You try' answers. Index. Acknowledgements.

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